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Jody at the Guruphiliac blog did a great review of The Maharishi Effect in his trademark fun style. Read it here. Kirkus Reviews did a brief but good summary of my book in their special issue on religion and spirituality. Click here to see the PDF file, then scroll down to the box labelled “Spiritual Memoirs.”

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  1. Anonymous December 8, 2007

    The Maharishi Effect will be far better explained by understanding the dynamics of how the ‘noosphere’ or collective consciousness operates.

    Per Wilber’s AQAL Intgralism framework all four quadrants can be brought into play to understand the phenomenon it its entirety.

    But when looking in the objective upper right quadrant of the AQAL framework, researchers shouldn’t be thinking about quarks but rather something a little further up the holoarchy (say neurons).

    Unfortunately, the research on the noosphere is stymied by the bias for lower right system theories (lower right quadrant) having little or no understanding of intersubjectivity (the lower left quadrant).

    Consciousness is not the vacuum state of quantum mechanics. To make that identity is reductionism.

    TM researchers need to adopt a framework like AQAL if they ever hope to break loose from the pseudo science currently in place – especially, when it comes to the Maharishi Effect.

  2. Geoff December 10, 2007

    Hi. Thanks very much for posting your comments. I’m not familiar with Wilber, so I can’t say anything about the specific points in your message. However, you said that you’re proposing an “explanation” of the Maharishi Effect. Are you saying that it exists? Until there’s some reason to believe that something is actually happening, I’d say that any explanations are premature.



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