Launch day plus one

The Maharishi Effect is now available in bookstores in the United States and Canada. If you’re near one of the big chains, there’s a good chance you’ll find it on the shelves. If your local independent bookstore doesn’t stock it, they can order it for you. I hope you enjoy reading it.
Thanks to everybody who showed up for my appearance yesterday at the Wisconsin Book Festival. We had a full house of 40 or so people. There was lots of laughter and good discussion.

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  1. R. Elena Tabachnick October 24, 2006

    Your presentation was great. You really got across the sense of the book, and the follow up questions were interesting – especially the woman who shared her problems with seizures. Made sense, but I’d never considered that possibility. Think I’ll go to your next presentation also. Way to go, Geoff.

  2. Jackie Vanden Heuvel October 28, 2006

    Already discussing the book with Neal Gunderson. When he ordered a copy at B & N in Mnpls he said others were already on a list to get it!

    You are too cool.

  3. Anonymous January 23, 2010

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