International Forum on Consciousness

The theme of this year’s International Forum on Consciousness is “Psychedelic Therapy in Society: Exploring the Mechanisms of Action and Delivery of Care.”

“The latest research in psychedelic therapy suggests the potential for a transformation in how we approach treatment of depression, anxiety and certain forms of mental anguish. Early results show that a single dose in combination with preparation and follow-up could have an impact long after the substance has left the body. As research is taken into broader clinical trials, questions remain around what exactly happens that facilitates such a transformation. And, if it’s really this impactful, how will a treatment of this nature scale to meet the dramatic need in our world?”

The list of speakers includes Robin Carhart-Harris, the psychedelic researcher who pioneered the use of neuroimaging technology to study the brains of people tripping on psilocybin and LSD. His work significantly deepens our understanding of the psychedelic experience and human consciousness.

This conference will be one of the main events of the year for the psychedelic community. Tickets are available on the conference website.

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