Double slit mysticism

One of the unexpected joys of managing a web site is monitoring the traffic that comes in through search engines like Google. The web host software gives me a list of the search terms that people use to find my site. Usually, it’s just some variation of my name and the title of my book. Sometimes, though, the search engines cough up comedy bits or Zen koans. I’ve had people searching for “Volvo” and “Paxil,” neither of which have anything to do with my site. One person was looking for “Maharishi bullshit.” A couple of days after I posted my “Quantum Failure” essay, somebody got to my site by searching for “double slit mysticism.” Money can’t buy stuff that good.

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  1. Lepht December 18, 2007

    you think you got it bad: 90% of my hits (to my iddy little blog on ethical hacking) come solely from the search query “does tramadol fuck you up”

    liking the excerpts of the book, btw. you don’t see enough of that human style of writing in academia, so it’s refreshing to read exposes that sound like something you might eviscerate a woo with in the bar.

    Lepht Anonym

  2. Geoff December 18, 2007

    Heh heh… I wonder if the seemingly stupid search terms are actually important clues. Perhaps my web site really is all about Volvo and Paxil and I just don’t know it yet.

    Thanks for the style comments!



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