Republican occultism

To date, over 2,000 people have downloaded my “Quantum Failure” essay. The response has been overwhelmingly positive, although a couple of readers have questioned one aspect of the fictional “Law of Quantum Failure.”

If you’ve read the essay, you may recall my assertion that Quantum Failure applies to believers across the ideological spectrum. The essay was mainly about those who promote new age beliefs—meditating for world peace and such—who I characterize as the “left wing occult.” I mentioned a “right wing occult” in passing, implying that the Law of Quantum Failure would apply to conservatives and neocons as well as new agers and counterculture types. I left the matter hanging there, which prompted one fellow to write:

“It’s not clear how the principle of ‘Quantum Failure’ applies to the neo-cons. They have tried to build their own reality and it’s had bad consequences. But I don’t think they have realized the goals of their enemies.”

This is a fair criticism, which I’ve addressed in a new essay. The title is “Republican Occultism and the Law of Quantum Failure.” It’s available here as a PDF file.

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